Bell Ropes


All our bell ropes are produced by AVON ROPES which are hand made to order on their rope walk and can be supplied with three different types of top end:

  • Natural fibre (typically up to 40ft, (12m) overall length, They recommend pre-stretched polyester top ends above this)
  • Pre-stretched polyester (machine spliced)
  • Dyneema (machine spliced)

Natural top ends are available with the full length. They normally recommend that ropes longer than 40ft (12m) use pre-stretched polyester top ends. Avon Ropes rope walk is 105ft (32m) long.

Pre-stretched polyester top ends are their most popular product and offer a low stretch solution for towers with a medium length draft.  They have worked extensively with their suppliers to ensure we are able to offer the best performance. The polyester is machine spliced into the rope 0.92m (3ft) above the sally.

Their patent pending Dyneema technology ropes are suitable for heavy rings of bells or towers with a long draft and guarantee a zero stretch solution.  They are the first company to have developed the techniques required for an elegant splice between Dyneema and natural rope.

The following choice of wool colours are available for sallies:

  • red
  • white
  • blue
  • emerald green
  • bottle green
  • wine
  • gold
  • burnt orange
  • black
  • purple

They have manufactured bell ropes with sallies from everything between a few centimetres to a massive 1.8m (6ft)!

They are able to supply ropes with the modern slimline Yorkshire tail ends.

Four stranded bell ropes are available with either natural fibre or Dyneema top ends.

Chiming ropes with 38cm (15″) or 45cm (18″) sallies are available in either natural fibre or synthetic hemp. Stainless steel or galvanised shackles, thimbles and wire rope can be supplied to suit the application.



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