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December 2019


Aylestone, Leicestershire –
The original Gillet And Johnson tenor clapper had broken so it had a new replacement made to better dimensions and correct the swing speed correlation between the bell and the clapper. Another great turn out working with Exaudite.







Queensbury, West YorkshireReplacement tenor wheel and a new unique all in one joint pin lubricator staple with refurbished ball for a Baldrick type clapper.








November 2019


Wybunbury, CheshireThe six over-sized S.G clappers have been machined to a sensible proportionate size and weight to help their performance, the balls re-profiled, the stainless steel joint pins replaced and the staples re-drilled as they had become worn due to the shock of the oversized clappers. tops of the clappers have been re-bushed, also new staple nuts and locking nuts provided.












East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire – The Frame was cleaned and painted, also the eight clappers reprofiled and re-bushed, the two smallest S.G clappers machined for better performance.











Great Glen, Leicestershire –Full clapper restoration, working again with Exaudite. The old badly worn fork topped clappers were restored, some firms refuse to refurbish them as it too much like hard work.



October 2019



Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire–The clappers of all bells were refurbished, and the bells bearings removed, cleaned and inspected for wear, and replaced as necessary.













Thorpe on the Hill, Lincolnshire – Four of the eight louvres were restored whilst the other four were replaced like for like with new units, new wire mesh and sound/weather board fitted all round.










A Private Customer– One of our more interesting jobs This small Taylor sand cast, ex school bell, the bell was tuned and hung for full circle ringing in its own free standing redwood frame. Was a pleasure to see so many smiles for a fantastic lady’s 80th birthday present.












September 2019



Blackwell, Derbyshire –We renovated the sliders and all the roller boxes were thoroughly cleaned and fitted with new rollers running on twin sealed unit ball bearings. At the same time two bell bolts on the 5th bell were replaced, all of the iron fittings and frame work were tightened. The tenor was found to be significantly loose on its headstock as well as the bolts holding the timber type bearing housing, causing the bell to misbehave. Also new wooden floor bosses were added.














Kelham, Nottinghamshire – Two new trebles supplied by Keltek were added to this ring of six, in a composite extension. Two new frame sides were made from the old bell frame from the neighbouring church, we were tasked with trying to match the previous work and fittings. We are the only bellhaning firm prepared to undertake such sympathetic augmentations.



















August 2019


Whatton in the Vale, Nottinghamshire– The six largest wheels originally were fitted with steel feathers as a jointing method and had become corroded which caused expansion and splitting of the timber shroud, so each wheel was fully refurbished. The wheel frame was cleaned of all existing paint, new steamed Ash soling and Sapele shroud fitted using wooden feathers and stainless Steel fixings, all timber was thoroughly treated. The back two clappers were also refurbished.



July 2019



St Mary’s Barton upon Humber, Lincolnshire –Seven of the clappers were re-resined, new joint pins and bushes fitted. The original rollers restored and the grease-ways cleaned. One new steam bent slider fitted two new stays and the tenor bell which had moved in its bearings moved back into its correct position.




Holme on Spalding Moor– This clapper came in with a fractured staple. A new staple and centre bolt was provided as well as the clapper undergoing a full restoration at the same time.



June 2019


Kettlethorpe, Lincolnshire- The three bells originally hung for full circle ringing had become derelict some time ago, the 2nd bell was also cracked. The frame was no longer suitable for swinging bells. The frame was cleaned and treated. The 2nd bell was welded and the three bells fully restored with all new fittings and the ferrous cast in staples removed. A new ellacombe chime system was installed along with a lockable oak ellacombe rack/chime cupboard.


















Hyde, Greater Manchester– The eight clappers from this beautiful set of bells were totally original, so needed some TLC but had certainly done well for their age. They have undergone a full restoration and are now back in the bells and sound wonderful.





Hindley, Lancashire –  A picture of the eight clappers after undergoing a full restoration.




Claypole, Lincolnshire – This ring of five was very tricky indeed to ring due to the high ceiling in the ringing room and extremely tall intermediate chamber where the ropes were unguided. We fitted a new rope guide at an appropriate height and redwood rope chutes throughout the entire height of the intermediate chamber.




May 2019

Corpus Christi, Clifton, Nottinghamshire
– The six bells were moved from the now demolished church of St Francis Clifton and now hung on a new galvanised fabricated steel ring beam sat on a concrete floor in the tower. The clappers had some remedial work carried out also.














Long Clawson, Leicestershire – Long Clawson clappers after restoration, they underwent reprofiling, and rebushing, another job working with Exaudite. The locals were pleased with the improvement in tone and the added bonus that the 5th was markedly less odd struck.




April 2019


West Scammonden, Ripponden – This lovely little bell had become unringable on its original fittings and unsafe to use, so it underwent  a full restoration with all new fittings and frame work.













March 2019

Woodford, Stockport –
A few pictures from the service we carried out on this fantastic chime of eight. The transmission was cleaned and lubricated to ensure all parts were left moving freely. The transmission was fixed, after failure on the 5th bell. and all components were adjusted for optimum performance.












February 2019



Woolton, Liverpool – Here we undertook a complicated and historical augmentation. Back in 1993 two trebles were cast by Eijsboutsto augment a historical ring of 1880s Taylor bells. The new grillage was designed and fabricated by the Liverpool guild. Due to various circumstances the guild didn’t get around to installing the bells. The bells spent 25 years sat on the tower roof waiting to be hung. T.L.B was given the task of hanging the two bells, and making the new frame and grillage fit in the tower. Along with the refurbishment of the rollers and clappers, and a complete rejig of the rope circle.





































January 2019



Cannock, St Luke’s, Staffordshire –Instillation of Sound Control, with manually operated hopper box system constructed from two layers of high grade OSB board and acoustic grade rubber infill. Another successful project working alongside Exaudite.










Tenby, Wales – The front seven clappers were re-bushed re-profiled and the eight roller boxes and rollers refurbished.






December 2018

Reddish, Cheshire – This saw us fit a new electronic hammer and control box to this lovely little 1961 Taylor Bell. At the same time the steel beam and supporting steel work thoroughly cleaned and painted. Many thanks to Exaudite and Canonico for supplying the electrical equipment. The church was very happy to have the bell working after over 20 years of silence. Ready for Christmas.









Wilford, Nottinghamshire – The current ground floor ringing room ladder was fitted with a safety cage, whilst the intermediate room has had the unsafe ladder removed and a new aluminium ladder fitted in its place.








Leicester Cathedral – This saw us make and install on behalf of Exaudite. Sound control above the bells at the cathedral. The original sound control had been removed during the restoration of the tower some years before. The floor mounted design is a galvanised steel frame with two 8×4 opening doors, using a double weighted drop system with a manual pull set up to open and close it (requested by the customer). It has reduced the loud bells externally by 7 to 10 decibels, which is quite a difference. The cathedral and the local residence are much happier. The system is designed in such a way that if further sound reduction is required, it would be easily achieved. 



















November 2018

Langar, Nottinghamshire – The complete peal of five bells has their main bearings refurbished, wheels cleaned, treated and the shroud secured with stainless steel screws, the double rollers were also refurbished and aligned properly, sliders re-profiled along with all new stays. The rope holes in the ceiling were opened out and fitted with larger rope bosses to ease the passage of the Sally as the ringers ring the bells directly underneath. The clappers also underwent refurbishment, being re-bushed and the balls re-profiled. The frame was tightened and all the iron work thoroughly cleaned and painted. The louvres were fitted with OSB board and gale breaker to help reduce weather ingress and to reduce the external sound levels.











Evington, Leicestershire ,Ratby, Leicestershire. And East Bridgeford, Nottinghamshire – Clapper Refurbishment. This saw Exaudite bring clappers from the two Leicestershire towers for a quick turnaround, which we slotted alongside our own clapper work.





October 2018

Aylestone, Leicestershire –   The headstock came in for a quick turnaround to have its gudgeon replaced. The headstock was machined and a new gudgeon was fitted by hot riveting. The bearings also had new seals, cleaned and re-greased.







September 2018

Beeley, Derbyshire – This interesting little ring of three bells has undergone a light restoration. Two larger rope bosses to accommodate the larger newer bell ropes. The fittings tightened, bellslevelled on their headstocks and the clappers fitted with two new greasers and lubricated. The iron work was thoroughly cleaned and painted.










Thimbleby, Lincolnshire – The Bell was removed during the work to the tower. The bell hangs on all new fittings, mounted on oak beams. Bell rope supplied by Avon ropes.







Blackwell, Derbyshire – The 4th bell was hung on a wooden headstock and sheered it’s gudgeon and in the process destroyed the wheel, we sourced a second hand headstock, the same style as the front three bells are currently hung on, we re-gudgeoned it and replaced the broken wheel. At the same time a new stay and runner board was provided along with a full refurbishment of the wrought iron clapper.






Little Driffield, Yorkshire – This little swing chiming bell has undergone a full refurbishment of its fittings. The bell has been cleaned and new roller box with stainless Steel roller fitted. Bell rope supplied by Avon ropes. Featureing Benjy the bell-hanging Beagle learning to chime.















August 2018

Glossop, Derbyshire –  Saw the completion of the work, the work entailed strengthening the old wooden frame and supporting the top grillage, with close to two tones worth of steel work. All new:- stays, sliders, runners, roller boxes, flap boards and ropes. The wheels received a re-soul & shroud. Two new steel beams were inserted under the wooden frame to take the load off the pre-existing central beam that was causing the opening in the wall for the clock face to collapse. The tenor was turned around in its pit so the rope circle could be adjusted so the back two ropes were a comfortable distance apart. Two channels were anchored to the walls below the steel top frame as a precautionary measure, as there were slight signs of corrosion on the beam ends but not enough to undertake expensive masonry investigation work. Almost every joint in the wooden frame received some form of bracing, before the bells could be unpredictable to ring, now you wouldn’t know they weren’t in a wooden frame.











July 2018

Glossop, Derbyshire – Upon starting the work, we discovered the timbers that formed the clock room
floor, were completely and utterly rotten, so we had to put in a new floor/ringing room celling. We later discovered furthermore, that the timbers that were holding up the floor originally, were actually nothing more than an old primitive rope guide from the 1700s. They had been boarded over to make a room for a clock to be installed in the 1800s.












June 2018

Kirton Lindsey, Lincolnshire – The peal of eight bells have undergone a full restoration. The bearings have been cleaned a refitted, with new bearings fitted to the 6thas these were found to be badly worn. The clappers were re-bushed and their balls re-profiled with the S.G clappers in the set being machined to make them behave more like their wrought iron counterparts. The rollers were refurbished along with all the other wooden fittings. The bell frame bolts were tightened, and the frame was cleaned and painted in the company colours.









May 2018
Mottram in Longdendale, Greater Manchester –  Stage one; Supporting base beams have been fitted to the single level grillage to give extra support, due to the current beam ends being severely corroded in the walls, at the same time we cleaned out the extremely bad corrosion build-up under the frame side feet and replaced the retaining bolts which had all sheered under the pressure, as well as some other measures were undertaken to allow the bells to be rung again, while under temporary restrictions until Stage two can be completed (subject to funding) Comprising of a full frame re-build. This is certainly one of the worst we have seen, the power of rust should not be underestimated, It can be very dangerous!










April 2018

Ampthill, Bedfordshire –  The clappers were brought in for refurbishment the two oversized S.G clappers have been re-profiled to improve their dynamics, all eight clappers are having new joint pins and bushes with lubrication points, the large flats on the balls built up and re-profiled.








March 2018


Stanton by Dale, Derbyshire – The clappers were brought in for refurbishment, the balls were re-profiled, Clappers/Staples re-bushed, seven of the staples had their joint pins replaced, and means of lubrication fitted.












Cuckney, Nottinghamshire –  The old louvres were of varying dates, some as old as the 1900s, these have been replaced all bar one. The new ones have been made to a similar design using more substantial, treated hardwood. The inside of the louvres have been fitted with gale breaker to reduce the weather ingress and wind erosion on the stone work.



February 2018


One of the many things we are able to produce are hardwood rope bosses. Here are a set we produced for a customer.










December 2017

Piddletrenthide, Dorset –  The tops of three wheels came in for restoration. The soling and shrouding had suffered after years of rot and wood boring insect attack. The wheels had just about lost all structural integrity. New steam bent ash soling and sapele shrouding with non-ferrous fixings have been used.





November 2017

Necton, Mid Norfolk –  Six new wheels all finished, made with steam bent ash soling and sapele shrouding and stainless steel fixings.





October 2017

North Winfield, Derbyshire – The Trebles and 6thsclappers came in to our workshop for refurbishment, we reinstalled them for the customer.







September 2017

Aylmerton, Norfolk –  A single bell cast that was cast in the 1600s. Originally hung for full circle ringing, it wasn’t rung for many years due to it being cracked, it has now been welded and is being reinstated for swing chiming on its original headstock with new gudgeons and bearings.








August 2017

Stathern, Leicestershire –  Five S.G clappers came in from Andrew Higson at Exaudite to have their plastic bushes and worn
stainless steel joint pins replaced. At the same time the flats on the clapper balls were re-pr
ofiled and everything given a lick of paint.





July 2017

Nevil Holt Church, Leicestershire –  This Bell dating from 1833. The bell had been sat on the belfry floor for some years with no fittings. Once arriving at the workshop we drilled the bell for new support bolts and the ferrous cast in crown staple was removed, fitted a new hardwood headstock for stationary chiming, along with new trigger action clapper with return spring to suit the towers specification and rope fall arrangement.






June 2017

Cheltenem Minster – St Mary’s Access –  Floors, ceilings, traps doors and access platforms and ladders all designed, fabricated and installed, made according to health and safety regulations.







May 2017

Myndtown Church, Shropshire – The conservation of two old bells. One of which dated back to the 11thCentury.








March 2017

Claxby, Lincolnshire – Five bells, New rope guide manufacturer and installed to improve the handling characteristics and ease of use.







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