Conservation & Preservation

We also specialise in the Conservation & Preservation and are proud to be on the list of approved contractors for Historic Scotland as well as being endorsed by the National Churches Trust.

Unlike some other firms we are happy to promote different methods of dealing with historical or historically important bells and bell instillations.


There are two main approaches which are very similar in meaning, but they are different in how you approach the bells and instillation.

Is the most common and most desirable, in some cases it is important to protect bells and their instillations, especially those of cultural or historical importance. The conservation approach is where the bells are restored so they can keep being used in the style, they were originally designed and intended.


Is often a lesser desirable approach for bellringers, but this is when it is highly important to maintain a bell and its fittings in its existing state and stabilise its condition.


A bell needs to have its wooden headstock replaced as it is too weak to keep ringing the bell full circle.


Conservation:- This approach would replace the wooden headstock with a replica.

Preservation:- This approach would stop the bell from being rung full circle as it is damaging the headstock, so the bell would be hung stationary using its current headstock, and have a different type of method installed to ring the bell.











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