Bell Frames

We are able to offer restoration service of existing bell frames, as well as the design and manufacture of new frames be, they steel, cast iron or timber.

New Bell Frames

We are able to design bell frames in house to fit your needs, we can make these out of hardwood timber, galvanised fabricated steel or when required cast iron. 

All new frames are then built and erected in house. Our frames are designed to provide straight rope drops where possible to ensure good handling characteristics.

We are happy to work with the church architect to fit each individual need.

Timber Extensions

We can manufacture timber extensions to existing timber bell frames, this facilitates the addition of more bells into a frame where space provides. This is a like for like extension which is in keeping with the rest of the existing frame.

Metal Extensions

We can also design and manufacture extensions out of galvanised, fabricated steel which again can allow for extra bells to go in a frame. These extensions also can improve the overall structural integrity of the bell frame.


Our restoration of bell frames includes cleaning back of existing paint, treatment of rust where required, then painted using a three coat marine grade paint. Our timber frame restoration can be anything from cleaning and treatment of the wood to full restoration which could include new timber and bolts where needed.

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