Below are examples of projects we have carried out, showcasing the specialities of Blyth & Co.

Didbrook, Gloucestershire

Didbrook, Gloucestershire. This has been a long project, it was 2015 we first got involved.

  • Now the five bells have been full restored and rehung on ball bearings, the hangs and wheel sizes altered along with a new treble headstock provided to replace the original bar headstock.
  • All new rollers and sliders and a double set of rope guides.
  • The metal work of the frame was throughly tightened, cleaned and painted. Much other work has been carried out by the fantastic team of volunteers and the end job has turned out to be a real success.

St Davids Cathedral, Wales

A few pictures of the refurbished 3rd and 4th wheel. The new sound control to help voice the bells in the desired location and the new rope guide on the front six bells. All new bell bolts, fully refurbished clappers and new rollers all round.

A new ten bell ellacombe console made like for like was provided using the original eight Bell crank system which we extended, after the augmentation from eight to ten bells the system was never upgraded or made operational, so we provided two new trigger action ellacombe hammers for the treble and second bell, while re-routing and upgrading all the pulleys and wire to stainless Steel.

Rodmell, East Sussex

The bells at Rodmell have been in a poor condition for a very long time, almost to the point it was impossible to ring them safely as a peal of six.

  • They have been rehung on new headstock in a conservation manner, new ball bearing units, new clappers and running gear.
  • Three of the original wheel frames where re-used and re-sized and three new wheels made to the same design.
  • The bell frame was extensively restored with new timber components and structural steel to preserve and extend its working life.
  • A rope guide was made and six new ropes provided by Avon ropes. The bells where tuned by Ben Kipling at Matthew Higby Church bell hangers.

Stoulton, Worcestershire

The restoration of the bells at Stoulton has been recently completed, I must say these have got to be one of our favourite peal of bells. 

  • Full restoration to the clappers and rollers has been undertaken as well as the timber work cleaned and treated, the bell frame and headstocks were thoroughly cleaned and treated with anti rust protection and further painted in company colours using marine grade solvent based paint. 
  • A new stay, runner, bell bolt and broken clapper staple was also replaced.